i found a house for us a few hours after i wrote that blog below.  the first one we looked at!  of course, it took looking at a lot of other homes the next day to come to the conclusion that this one was the one, but once we did we fell in love with it.  after several days of offers and counter offers going back and forth, we are now in contract.   now we just have inspections and closing in front of us.  2112 sq ft.  what?!  so amazing.  it’s 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath 2 story all brick home built in 1907.  everything updated except for the refinished old charm.  great location, as well.  we really worked hard to pick through the crap out there and find the best deal that fit our needs and budget.  the pictures do not do it justice as it is much more amazing in person.  can’t wait!  we are so anxious.


we’re house shopping!  aaahh!  i’m kind of freaking out at this point, but in a good way.  the past few days have been super busy.  we met with a lender on wednesday and basically decided to kick it into high gear to hopefully take advantage of the home buyers tax credit before it expires at the end of the month.  yes, that’s in just over a week!  so we’ve been house searching, drive bying, and are going to meet up with our Realtor tomorrow and check out several that we are really interested in.  if this all goes well, we could be buying a house next week.  what?!  i know, right.  we also took yosh to the vet for his leg and found out his left leg’s kneecap is dislocated along with his right leg problems of hip dysplasia.  so we have an appointment for a consultation with the specialist surgeon next thursday.  hopefully we’ll have yoshi up and running, literally, in no time.  today is insanely busy.  i’m trying to clean and straighten up, as we’re having an out of town guest (timmy) and this weekend is going to be super busy.  the dead weather!  houses!  tim!  no sleep  : (

i’m eating super healthy and i’m getting results.  that’s it for now.  back to work!

i’ve been finding it hard to commit to posting.  weird.  well, i’ve been getting a lot done, which is good, but i can’t seem to find the time, energy, or words to blog about it.  i think i’ve come to the realization that the 101 in 1001 isn’t for me.  not because i’m not completing my tasks, because i actually am doing really well.  but the idea of that list is kind of annoying me now.  i’m all for lists of goals and such, obviously.  but i think the whole concept of the 101 in 1001 is that you have plenty of time do complete the tasks in.  which is all fine and dandy, but i don’t want 1o1 things like that facing me down for almost 3 years!  i’ve been tackling the big ones and the small ones, so i know i’m motivated and am doing just fine without consulting that list.  so i will officially go on record in saying that i’m no longer entertaining it.  sticking to shorter lists, and even breaking those down smaller is better for me, it seems.   having said that, here are some of the my goals / tasks that i’ve been working on, some completed, some on-going:

going back to school (getting ready for fall semester, applying, etc) : some done, some in progress!

eating healthier, smaller portions:  yes and yes!  doing great!  i’m keeping a log of my calories and fat.  yes, of everything!

exercising:  yes!  in progress.  feeling better from eating healthier is giving me more engergy.  walking the dog, working out on the elliptical, and utilizing the wii fit plus is helping.

weight loss:  yes!  and counting.  i feel great about this.

around the house:  we’ve been working really hard on organizing, staying decluttered, and stylish!  i really love our office after replacing almost every piece of furniture (except the futon) and redecorating.  hopefully making new pillows this weekend/next week.  we reorganized the kitchen cabinets (this was mostly michael) and the cookware and dishes are so organized and wonderful now!  love, love, love.

successfully raising a lily plant!   occasionally it droops, but we just add water and voila!

paid off all and any debt we had!  yes!  all of it except michael’s loc was interest free for several more months, if not a year, but we paid everything off anyway.  moving on to possibly being homeowners!  we’re meeting with a lender on wednesday. very excited.

saving money!  in progress.

so, anyway.  i’m looking forward to the black keys and she & him.

that’s all i have for now.

here are some pictures of yoshi in his new “crate”, which also doubles as an end table.

we bought a dyson!  thanks to woot.com (and the message board, especially) i found out target had the same model that woot was featuring that day, but for over $75 cheaper than the woot deal!  woot, woot!  so we got the blueprint, which performs exceptionally well and attacks yoshi hair with ferocious suction!  just what we needed!  it also works on hardwood floors, which is sweet since that’s what we have, along with a few area rugs.

it also happens to be quite pretty.

we also bought (the same day) a new couch!  i’ve been toying with the idea of getting a sectional, but sort of shelved the idea for a few months just because it wasn’t a huge necessity.   i still liked the couch and loveseat that i had, but to optimize the space in the living room, a sectional would be much better.  plus it would make cuddle time much easier.  so i decided last friday to take a look at a set at value city furniture based on an advertisement we received, but in person the set was not what i wanted.  we tried weekends only and right inside the door there was a light blue(ish gray) leather sectional that would be perfect with the rest of our living room.  we thought about it for a bit and then took the leap.  so, yeah.  we bought a blue sectional.  kind of weird, but it really works.  my brother & sister in law took my old set, as they were in need of something new in their new place.  so it all worked out.

here are a few pictures after it was delivered this past sunday.

this is the old set.  you can see how the space in the corner was just blocked off and not really usable.   i’m still going to miss it!

we got back from our east coast trip on friday morning (february 26th, this has been saved as a draft for forevs) , only to leave for kansas city on saturday morning.  needless to say, i’m glad to be home!  we had a great time visiting with friends and family.  yoshi wasn’t a fan of the snow.  over 3 feet in most areas made it a bit difficult for him to find a place to do his business.

there’s more to say about the trip and such, but i don’t have the energy or time right now.  i’ve been working on getting ready for school (financial aid, etc.) and astonished by how much time i don’t have, even though i’m not currently working.

new notebook.  what, what!   looove it like woah.  i love being able to view what i’m doing on the 42″ tv in the living room wirelessly from the notebook!  so awesome.

yarp!  my lip is healing nicely, i think.  i’m still thinking i’m going to have a scar, but hopefully it’ll be badass as opposed to gross.

i have a list of movies that i need to post about, but keep putting off.

we’re going notebook shopping tonight.  i think i’ve narrowed it down to a toshiba & an hp.  after searching all of the options for my must have specs and features and my would like to have, these two are the best fit so far.  so best buy, here we come.

here is the toshiba

here is the hp

we’re gearing up for our road trip out east.  confirmed stops are pittsburgh (tim!), inwood, va (lois!), york, pa (nancy, jo, and bob!) and d.c. (obama!)…  so we’re excited.  there is still a lot to get done.  unfortunately before a trip it always seems that the house becomes a bit of a mess and we just leave that way, knowing we can worry about it once we’ve returned.  we have to be sure that isn’t the case this time, as tim will be in town and staying with us the weekend we return.  a whole week’s vacation!  exciting.

so, yeah.  i’ve been slacking on the creative side of things and i feel pretty terrible about that.  hopefully i’ll be inspired this coming week and when i return i’ll start churning out the goodies.

i’ll take a picture of my newly scarred lip once the remaining stitches fall out.


it will be interesting to see what kind of scar emerges from this injury.  six stitches in all.  the doctor said it should heal quick and with minimal scaring if any, since it’s the lip.  it hurt like a bitch and i don’t really want to talk about it.

i can say it looks a lot better sewed up rather than ripped open.  sick.

this is the cleaned up version, once the bleeding stopped.

so every once in a while we need to go to grocery shopping and we fail to do so  for a few days.  during these periods we usually end up eating crap such as fast food, or at the very least,  boring food that we scrounge up from the pantry / fridge.  but i can definitely say one good thing does come from these situations.  once we DO make it to the grocery, i am longing to cook and end up getting wonderful selections to create amazingly delicious foods!  this past week we bought a lot of healthy foods (veggies galore!) and overall useful ingredients.

last night we made spicy chicken fajitas with mexican rice (michael did all of the prep including the veggies and the marinade) and today i made a wonderful guacamole, corn, and tomato salsa.

here are some pictures!

below:  today’s salsa!  sooooo good.